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Wrapped Forms (1999) are drawings that combined elements of wrapped dolls and vessel-like forms. The process of using a laborious drawing technique encouraged meditation and reflection. The vessel-like drawings, at first concealed, are slowly unwrapped.

In Rudiments (2008), the drawings are minimal. Graphite merges with wire into sinuous lines that shift from wall to paper tracing surfaces and shadows both real and illusory. The series represents an exploration of the relationship between traditional drawing techniques and the idea of making marks on walls using non-traditional materials. 


Mapping Time: Legends (2009) is a means of “mapping” the ongoing process in a series of wall drawings.


Rubbed (2017) is a series of drawings based on rubbings from various objects I have collected. They are related to the theme reflected in the installations Leftovers and Timelines (2017) . 







Drawings 1999-2017

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