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Installations 2005 -2013

Wall Drawings are an ongoing series of installations that employ three-dimensional elements. Materials gathered from the urban and natural environment, objects from my personal collection, recycled remnants of old work and graphite drawings are transferred directly to the walls and become mark-making tools. Compositionally, I use a minimalist structure to simplify the complexity of the volume of materials I have at my disposal.


Each drawing installation builds on the ideas of the preceding installations I have undertaken while working in my studio and /or previous exhibitions and are primarily site specific. This process encourages a sense of play, being in the moment and a non-linear approach to documentation.


The drawings are ephemeral, casting shadows both real and illusory, as they shift on the walls.  Graphite traces the process while text records my relationship to the objects, a visual testimony to the power of memory.



Familiar Territory 2005-2009                        Cascade 2011                           Tethered Memories 2011

              Floating 2013                         Suspended Memories 2013                 Collaborations 2013


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