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Rules We Are Taught                                               

Lies We Are Told was the first work in the series, Rules We Are Taught which challenges the “truths” we learn as children by playfully disrupting conventional ways of thinking. The exhibition focuses on the educational and societal doctrines from the 1940’s and 1950’s, my formative years.

The ideas in Rules We Are Taught are realized through a variety of techniques and materials. Where my skills were insufficient, I hired Tristan Sauer (technician) to assist me with "Children Should Be Seen and Not Heard" and Aaron Kealey (carpenter) to build the structure for "Always Look Your Best".

Interactive work has become a driving force in my exhibitions since 2014. In Rules We Are Taught, the “Do Not Touch” projects encourage the viewer to push, spin and pull. The rules of the gallery are turned upside down through audience interaction.


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