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Lois Schklar attended Washington University School of Art and graduated with a BFA from The Atlanta College of Art. Her work has been shown in solo, juried and invitational exhibitions throughout Canada and the United States. Her sculptures are included in the Bronfman Collection, Claridge Investments, Cambridge Art Gallery and the Key Corporation.


Most recently Lois’ installations have been chosen for juried exhibitions: The World of Threads International Exhibition (2012), Drawing at the Aird Gallery (January 2013), with Noah Gano, Boxed In, The Rooms, St. John’s NL ( January –April, 2013) and Art Spin, an invitational exhibition (August 2013). In 2007 and 2008 she was awarded the Toronto Arts Council Grant to Individuals, the Ontario Arts Council project Grant and OAC Exhibitions Assistance Grant for developing her drawing installations. Lois received an Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant for Familiar Territory: Pathways (2010) and Lois Schklar, Thirty Years of Dolls (2011). In 2014, thanks to an OAC Integrated Arts Grant, she collaborated with a dancer, musician, lighting desiner to create Collective Memories. 


In her role as Curator, in 2014, Lois received an OAC Research and Development Grant for The Art of Packing. 

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