2018 Canada Council Explore and Create Grant

2014 Ontario Arts Council Research and Development Project Grant

2013 Ontario Arts Council Multi and Integrated Arts Grant

t2011,2010, 2007, 2006, 1990, 1989, 1988 Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant

2007 Ontario Arts Council Mid Career Visual Arts Award Toronto Arts Council Grant

1998 Canada Council Travel Grant

1997 Canada Council “B” Grant

1997-1991,1983,1981 OAC Artists in Education Grant

1999,1994,1992,1991,1989,1987 OAC Individual Crafts Grant



2017 Craft Ontrio Lily Yung Award

2013 Aird Gallery Juried Drawing Exhibition, Award, Toronto, Ontario

2010 *new* gallery Award, juried by the Ontario Crafts Council, Toronto,Ontario

2006 Cambridge Galleries, “ Fibreworks”, Honourable Mention, Cambridge, Ontario

1999 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition: Murray Koffler Purchase Award, Toronto, ON

1998 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition: Honourable Mention,Mixed Media, Toronto, ON

1991 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition: Best in Fibre, Toronto, Ontario1987 Harbourfront Craft Show: OCC Award, Toronto, ON



1963-1966 Washington University School of Fine Art, St. Louis, Missouri

1968 Atlanta College of Art, BFA. Atlanta, Georgia

1985 Banff Centre of Art Course with Warren Selig, Experimental Textile Forms

1984 –1986 Harbourfront International Creator’s Series: Workshops with Nance O’Bannion, Anne Wilson, Michael Brennan Wood



2018 Red Head Gallery, "ReMemory", Toronto, Ontario (SOLO)

2016 Idea Exchange , Selected Works from the Cambridge Collection, Cambridge, Ontario       

2014 Gallery 1313, "Collective Memories", multi and integrated dance, mucic, installation

2014-2013 The Gladstone Hotel, “Trials and Tribulations” (a collaborative project with Noah Gano)

2011 Mon Ton Window Installation, “Cascade”, Toronto, *new* Gallery (SOLO)

       Ontario Harbourfront Centre, “Moon Circle Void”. Toronto, Ontario.(4-Artists, curated by Kai Chan)

       *new* gallery, “Lois Schklar: Thirty Years of Dolls”, retrospective

       Ontario Crafts Council, "Collected Memories: Hung Out to Dry” 

2010 The Department, “Familiar Territory: Pathways”, Toronto, Ontario(SOLO)

2009 Artcite Gallery Inc., “Familiar Territory: Excerpts”, Windsor Ontario (SOLO)

2008 Connexion Gallery, Familiar Territory Reminiscent”, Fredericton, New Brunswick (SOLO)

2007 Harcourt House Gallery, “Familiar Territory”, Edmonton Alberta White Water Gallery, “Familiar Territory: Redux”, North            Bay, Ontario (SOLO)

2006 Gallery 96, “Familiar Territory”, Stratford, On. Propeller Gallery, “Familiar Territory”,Toronto, Ontario (SOLO)

2003 Palace Contemporary Fine Art and Craft, “On Becoming”, Toronto, Ontario (SOLO)

2002 Cannington House Gallery, Bronte, Ontario, “Horrid Little Dolls”2000 Lonsdale Gallery, Lois Schklar: Mixed Media Work,          Toronto, Ontario

1993 Harbinger Gallery, Lois Schklar:” Light Within Form”, Waterloo, Ontario

1991 Ontario Crafts Council Traveling Exhibition, “Collective Memories” (SOLO)

1990 Ontario Crafts Council, Lois Schklar: “Collective Memories”, Toronto (SOLO)

        The Koffler Gallery, “The Inner Quest”, Toronto, Ontario CATALOGUE 



2018 Hamilton Artists Inc, "Transition/Transform" (3-person) Hamilton, Ontario

2017 2016Gladstone Hotel,  “Hard Twist”, Toronto, Ontario (ONLINE CATALOGUE)

         The Living Arts Centre, “Deep Roots”, Mississauga, Ontario

          Do Design. feature exhibit of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival.

2016 Yeiser Art Center, Fantastic Fibers, Juried Fiber Exhibition, Paducah, Kentucky.

         Idea Exchange Galleries, “Selected Works from the Cambridge Collection”, Cambridge, Ontario  

2014 The Artist Project, Installation. Toronto, Ontario

         Gladstone Hotel: “Hard Twist”, Toronto, Ontario (Online catalogue)

2013 The Rooms, “Boxed In”, St. John’s, Newfoundland (collaborative project with Noah Gano) CATALOGUE

2012 World of Threads International Exhibition, Oakville, Ontario

2009 The Drawing Center On line Registry

         National Juried Drawing Exhibition, White Water Gallery, North Bay, Ontario CATALOGUE

2011 Bank on Art, online registry.

2013, 2012, 2009, 2008, 2002,2001, 2000 John B. Aird Gallery, Drawing Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario2006, 2004,1996,1994,1992,1990,1988, Cambridge Gallery, “Fibreworks”, Cambridge, Ontario

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2000 Gallery Stratford, Arts2000, Stratford, Ontario

1998 Santa Fe Weaving Gallery, “The Language of Dolls II”, Santa Fe, N.M1994 Convergence 94: Northern Lights, Minneapolis, Minnesota



2010 “Body and Object” Ontario Craft Gallery, Toronto

2009 Peak Gallery, Toronto, Ontario Necklace, The Department, Toronto 2007 LaFreniere and Pai, Ottawa, Ontario

2005 Design at Riverside, Cambridge Galleries, Cambridge, Ontario (Fibre Collection)

2004 Lafreniere and Pai Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario

1997 Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Ontario 1996 “Selected Works from the Cambridge Collection” Durham, Ontario

1994 Traveling Exhibition, “Artistry on Cloth” Clay and Glass Gallery, “Selected Works from the Cambridge Collection”, Waterloo



2018-2019 San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, “Excellence in Fibers” (CATALOGUE)

2013 Art Spin, Tower Automotive Building, Toronto, Ontario

2011 FCP Gallery, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition , 50 Years of Art. Award winners exhibition

2007 MADE, Toronto Ontario LaFreniere and Pai, Ottawa, Ontario

2004 “New” Gallery, “Green” Toronto, Ontario Latcham Gallery, “Silver Memories”, 25th Anniversary Celebration, Stouffville 2001 Lafreniere and Pai Gallery, Ottawa, “Elemental”

1999 “In Celebration of the Doll”, Houston, Texas

1998 Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, “Poetry of the Vessel”, Halifax, N.S., (CATALOGUE)

1997 “Dolls Walking the Edge with Spirit”, Brookfield, Connecticut

1996-1995 Traveling Show (USA), “In Celebration of the Doll” 1996 Carnegie Gallery, “Lois Schklar and Peter Kirkland”, Dundas, Ontario Indigo Gallery, “New Tools: No Limits”, Lake Oswego, Oregon

1994 Banaker Gallery, “American baskets”, San Francisco, California 1993 “In Our Hands”, Kyoto, Japan, CATALOGUE 1992 Canadian Craft Museum, “Canadian Craft”,Vancouver,.B.C.(CATALOGUE) “A Treasury Of Illuminations”, Wellington County Museum, Ontario Crafts Council. (CATALOGUE)



Claridge Investments, Montreal, (CATALOGUE)

Bronfman Collection

The Library and Gallery, Cambridge, OntarioThe Key Corporation, Portland, Oregon



2014 Gallery 1313, Artist Talk, Toronto

         Gladstone Hotel with Noah Gano, Artist Talk, Toronto, Ontario

2011 Ontario Crafts Council, Volunteer Committee, Artist Talk, Toronto.

2010 The Department, Artist Talk, Toronto, Ontario

2008 Gallery Connexion, Fredericton, New Brunswick

2007 Harcourt House Gallery, Artist Talk

2006 Gallery 96, Artist’s Talk

2005 Gallery 1313, Artist’s Talk

2003 Community Arts Ontario Conference, Toronto, Ontario Artstarts, Toronto, Ontario Ontario College of Art and Design,                Toronto, Ontario

1999 Mississauga Handweavers and Spinners Association, Mississauga, On1998 NSCAD, Halifax, Halifax, Nova ScotiaArt Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia

1997 Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Ontario

1995 Latcham Gallery, Keynote Speaker, “Kickstart Your Creativity”

1994 Sheridan College, Textile Studio Seminar GuestHamilton and Region Potters Guild, Hamilton, Ontario Surfacing Organization: Panel Discussion, Toronto, Ontario

1993 Scarborough Arts Guild, Toronto, OntarioCanadian Embroiderer’s Guild, London, Ontario

1992 Sheridan School of Crafts and Design, Mississauga, Ontario

1990 Ontario Crafts Council, Toronto, Ontario



2016     Hospitalfield Arts Interdisciplinary Programme, Arbroath, Scotland

2014 Gibraltar Lodge, Toronto Island Artscape

2008 Gibraltar Lodge, Toronto Island Artscape

2008 Connexion Gallery Residence, Fredericton, New Brunswick

1993 McMichael Canadian Art Collection , Kleinberg, Ontario



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2017 Member of Red Head Gallery

2015 "The Art of Packing", draft pdf catalogue for exhibition

2011 "Lois Schklar: 30 Years of Dolls", Catalogue 

2008 Drawing On: Work by Yael Brotman, Amanda Burk, Judith Geher, Lois Schklar, *new* Gallery

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JURY EXPERIENCE2005 Neilson Park Textile Exhibit

2003 Neilson Park Creative Centre Annual Exhibition

2000 Ontario Arts Council Crafts Grants

1999-1997 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition Selection Committee

1990-1988 Ontario Crafts Council Grant Selection Committee



2011-2013 Member at Large, Trinity Bellwoods Community Association

2003-2009 Artists’ Committee of the Artists’ Health Centre Foundation2000-2002 Dundas Street Revitalization Committee