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Familiar Territory 2005-2009

Familiar Territory (2005), Familiar Territory: Mapping Time (2006) Familiar Territory: Redux (2007) and Familiar Territory: Reminiscence (2008) are earlier representations of the series, Familiar Territory.



Circles (2008) and Excerpts (2009) were inspired by the process of packing a wall drawing for shipping. The spontaneous composition of  objects haphazardly secured to  foam core board marked a shift from the continuous wall drawings yet continued my exploration of the line using selected elements of former installations while emphasizing the minimal use of materials in a predetermined space. The “legends” accompanying the exhibition Excerpts document the history of the objects and materials used in each piece.


Cascade (2011), Tethered Memories Hung Low Beneath the Void (2011),Suspended Memories (2013) and Floating Into the Eye of The Storm (2013) use flexible wire as "lines".   



Familiar Territory Circles 2008         Familiar Territory Reminiscent          Familiar Territory Excerpts

         Familiar Territory                      Familiar Territory Mapping Time           Familiar Territory Redux

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