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ReMemory connects memories and associations to the many objects I have collected.  Rain Gently Falling and Descending are a series of reconstructed wire drawings. Timelines: Excerpts recreates a cord and wire installation as a visual poem. 


Specimens 2, an interactive installation, is based on a series of small studies, Wall Sketches (2009). Single objects from my collection are displayed like specimens in an insect collection to be observed and discussed. A folder lists the objects as a reference to my  memories, their entry into my collection and, where possible, the date they entered my life.


On days the artist was present, the audience was invited to swap an object from the Specimen installation with their own object and provide a written explanation for the exchange (i.e. aesthetic considerations, or personal associations).


Specimens was recreated in three different gallery installations (Hamilton Arts Inc, Red Head Gallery and Latcham Gallery).

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