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My work consists of a series of an eclectic series of poetic narratives that are presented as installations, drawings, and sculptures. The work has shifted and changed for over 40 years and have become a visual testimony to the power of memory while connecting the past to the present.

The intention in my work is to re-imagine the aesthetic association that first brought an extensive collection of objects, accumulated over a lifetime, to my attention. This focus is reflected in former bodies of work that transition into different entities and repurposes materials I no longer use or need.

As a senior, I have been contemplating the idea of divesting; an entangled, cumbersome undertaking, personal and therefore complicated. At some point in time my collection will be dispersed along with their memories. I will no longer have control over what happens to it. In relation to contemporary practices, I ask: “Where will this collection or work of art eventually reside and what (if any) is its value?” This question addresses the personal worth of the materials I collect and use in my practice and their relevance in relation to and referencing the escalating price of work so prevalent in today’s art market.

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